All About DEN

Will and Louis began their journey together collaborating on product marketing campaigns, digital strategies and content creation for Universal Music Group’s audiovisual label – Mercury Studios (Eagle Rock Entertainment).


Over 20 years of combined knowledge and experience in all aspects of the music industry, from touring to live streams and from management to product marketing within labels.


They have worked with artists such as The Rolling Stones, The Cure, The Police, Robbie Williams and Sia and have now launched DEN; an all-in-one digital marketing team, working for artists, management and labels offering an extensive array of services.

Having previously worked in artist management before and then onto label side, I found it was a really rewarding process. We’re with the artists, rather than working project-by-project. You get to shape careers, rather than just dipping in and out which makes it more fulfilling – and be part of the “grand plan” for the artist and you learn together.

Having been on the other side of this, from the artist perspective – I’ve worked with people that may have a shared goal with myself but haven’t been able to plan nor organise the team to reach those shared ambitions. We want DEN to course correct this for teams, really be a part of the development of an artist and help them achieve their goals.

It’s working out how to develop the artists so it’s not from the short-term fixes but from long-term strategy, looking at the bigger picture and not just reacting in the moment. There’s little point in having access to a network, without being able to strategise and know
how best to work within it – the same can also apply to digital channels.

I think what sets DEN apart, is that we come in with the experience of being performers, working in management and also working in labels. We’ve got that knowledge of how to round up the troops and really focus on all parts of the industry together to achieve that common goal.

It’s not just about telling the band what to do, it’s to help come to the same conclusion together – essentially becoming members and forming a team and helping steer the ship in the right direction. With DEN, we’re in it for the long-term strategy.

What’s important is that we become integral members of the team.

Yeah, and it’s important to understand what a label might require from the artist, so we can be that guiding hand.

While also focusing on opening doors for the artists and unlocking new opportunities that may not be so obvious from the get-go.

That’s all part of our services as Den. We want to become partners with the team, whether an artist already has management, we can offer our services – utilise our skill sets in digital marketing to help define the strategy and work together on planning. We’re all part of an industry that we want to protect while ensuring it continues.

A lot of digital marketing agencies outsource, whereas we are the all-in-one team. So we want to offer those skills and be a tool for management and artists. When you start outsourcing things can fall down or get lost in communication – and because some of those people are detached from the situation, they might not understand the end goal.

It’s important to understand the story. This is why DEN offer those digital marketing services in-house.

DEN offers that flexibility, and we can fit in with an existing team to help achieve the bigger picture.